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 EGST currently has a library offering 10,000 volumes and simultaneous seating for 36 students.  There are some electronic resources on different subjects. We currently have online capability. However, this facility is inadequate to serve the school, especially in anticipation of programme development, increased student intake and the desire to attract local and international scholars to carry out research.  EGST needs to upgrade its library to the level of a graduate school library. 


In addition to EGST’s desire to upgrade its holdings, the school must spend at least USD 25,000 each year to maintain its accreditation. However, the goal of EGST is to spend more than this in order to achieve our target of having 20,000 volumes by 2017/18.


 The new building complex, when Phase II is completed, will house a purpose built graduate level library.  The library will have space for 25,000 volumes and simultaneous seating for more than 100 students.  Computer terminal points will also be available for 40 computers to enable students to do on-line research and to prepare their course work.

 Theological books are very specialised and expensive.  Few titles are available within Ethiopia.  It is therefore necessary for EGST to source and ship titles from overseas.  Over the years, EGST has proactively sought titles through various sources.  Whilst a large number of books can be received by donation, many are not suitable for a postgraduate theological library and so EGST must seek alternative sources to acquire current book titles each year to stock its library.  In addition, to remain relevant, EGST must acquire on-line electronic resources.














Donations may be made in one of two ways:

·         Money given may be designated for library books and/or electronic resources.

·         Donations in kind. Books must be currently relevant. The cost of shipping must also be considered with in-kind donations.

 For further information about donating to the EGST library, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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