Faculty Sabbatical

To recruit and retain faculty at EGST, it is important that EGST provides an academically attractive environment which can compete with that of other international post-graduate universities and schools. In order to create this environment, EGST seeks to introduce a Faculty Sabbatical Programme, which allows faculty to take a sabbatical period in accordance with the EGST policy. 

 The purpose of a sabbatical is to allow faculty to pursue academic research, publication and teaching and other ministry opportunities both within Ethiopia and overseas during a time period without regular faculty obligations.  Such an opportunity will have several results. First, it facilitates faculty retention and motivation. Second, it enhances teaching standards as faculty will keep up-to-date with current thinking. Third, it enables EGST to remain competitive with other international post-graduate institutions who offer sabbaticals. The cumulative result is that EGST will attract and retain up-to-date and published scholars, which will help enhance its credibility as an institution. 

 Anticipated expenses for one three-month sabbatical: 


Monthly cost (USD)

Total cost (USD)

Living expenses



Airfare and other transportation costs



Publication costs






 For further information about donating to the EGST Faculty Sabbatical Programme, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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