Ethiopian Journal of Theology

 EGST desires to begin publishing a high quality, professional journal within the next two years. This journal is intended to be an ecumenical academic journal centered in Ethiopia, but also encompassing issues relating to Africa and the international Christian community. The journal’s content, informed by the Ethiopian context, will contribute to international scholarship and dialogue. This will allow Ethiopian scholars to engage with the rest of the world, offering this country’s distinctive contributions to Christianity as well as learning from others. As a country which has practiced Christianity since the 300’s, and as a country in which Protestant Christianity is now growing rapidly, Ethiopia has a unique experience of Christian theology.


EGST desires to partner with other theological institutions in Ethiopia in publishing the journal. Articles will be contributed by EGST faculty, along with other scholars inside and outside Ethiopia. The editorial board will be well-known international scholars, as well as scholars within the country. An EGST faculty member will serve as Editor-in-Chief of the journal.


The Need for the Ethiopian Journal of Theology

Establishing the Ethiopian Journal of Theology is deemed to be essential because it:

· Is a step toward achieving the goal of stimulating research in the church and for the church, which is reflected in EGST’s statement of purpose quoted at the beginning of this proposal

  • Will promote academic conversation within the Ethiopian Christian community and between that community and others across the world
  • Will have a unique contribution to knowledge for the global community
  • Will serve as a means of furthering research into Ethiopian religions and culture
  • Will promote scholarly discourse and research related to the wealth of Christian manuscripts and literature written during Ethiopia’s 17 centuries of Christianity
  • Will place Ethiopian academic thinking on the global scholarly map


For further information about launching this academic journal, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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