Campus Development

EGST has embarked on a campus development project. The upper three floors of Phase I, completed in August 2009, are the current academic site of the school.

Phase II, begun in August 2010, comprises a 6,823 sq. meter multi-floor structure at the rear of the current property and will become the academic building of EGST. Construction is in the finishing phase at the present time. Phase II is expected to be completed in the summer of 2013, subject to securing funds needed. At that time, the Phase I building will be rented in entirety.



The new building will provide facilities which will satisfy the needs of the school and its students for the foreseeable future:

  •          Expanded library space, which will accommodate 25,000 volumes
  •          Computer lab, which will accommodate 40 computers
  •          Nine classrooms (4 currently)
  •          Chapel/assembly room seating 450 (currently the largest room seats about 120)
  •          Sixteen faculty offices (3 currently)
  •          Two visiting faculty flats (currently no living space for faculty)
  •          Cafeteria and meeting space for students (currently none)
  •          Meeting room to accommodate 30-40 people
  •          More administrative offices
  •          Dormitory space for 20 students (currently none)
  •          Parking for 55 vehicles (6 spaces currently)

 In addition to providing adequate facilities, Phase II will also meet the need for a reliable and expanded income stream. Currently EGST owns a 6-story building, of which three floors are rented to generate income. When Phase II is complete, this entire building will be rented annually. This rental income will be significant in ensuring the EGST will remain self-sustainable.

The cost of Phase II is USD 3.2 million.  The total amount already received by EGST or promised to EGST is USD 2.3 million. Approximately USD 900,000 is still needed to complete Phase II. What is distinctive about this need is that we are not seeking funding to support the running costs of EGST. Rather we are seeking funding in order to ensure the long-term growth and sustainability of EGST. 

In the spring of 2011 EGST was awarded a matching grant by a foundation in the United Kingdom for Phase II in the amount of 350,000 UK Pounds. For each donation to EGST for Phase II, this foundation will match that amount. 

For further information about donating to Phase II of the EGST Campus Development Project, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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