Tuition and Fee

First Semester, 2012-2013

 Fees for Scholarship Students

Tuition                                                                                                 600  ETB / Credit hour

Registration fee                                                                                     150  ETB / Semester

Material fee                                                                                           500  ETB / Course

 Fees for Non-Scholarship Students/

Locally Sponsored Students

Tuition fee                                                                                            425  ETB / Credit hour

Registration fee                                                                                       75  ETB / Semester

Material fee                                                                                               Unspecified


Administrative Fees

Application fee                                                                                       100  ETB

Late registration fee                                                                                 50

Continuation fee for students withdrawn from EGST                                   100  ETB/semester

Fee for improper withdrawal                                                                     300 (one-time fee to resume studies)

MTh thesis continuation fee                                                                   1,400  ETB/semester

Audit fee                                                                                               300  ETB/course

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