Financial Aid

Scholarships are normally awarded only to full-time students taking a minimum of 3 courses in one semester. Students are expected to provide a plan to fulfill all requirements for their programme in the normal time allotted for completion of that programme.

Students are strongly encouraged to seek partial funding from their home churches, friends, family or other donors, because the EGST Scholarship Committee requires that a significant portion of the total educational cost be provided by the student. Besides the financial benefit, this strengthens the ties between students and their local churches and communities.

 Individual scholarships

Some EGST students receive individual scholarships from their sponsoring bodies or other sources.  Although these scholarships may be administered through EGST, they are not solicited by EGST and students need not apply for such scholarships through EGST.  Individual students must arrange these scholarships, although EGST will provide supporting documentation as required.  Individual scholarships tend to be the most generous scholarships, and students are encouraged to seek such scholarship assistance from their sponsoring bodies before applying for a scholarship through EGST.

Scholarships from general EGST Scholarship Fund

In the absence of an individual scholarship, students may apply for scholarships through EGST. See the EGST Registrar for more details concerning the selection criteria and application procedures.

EGST receives funds for scholarships for students from various sources.  These funds are of two types:  regular and irregular.  Regular funds are received on an annual basis and may require that EGST submit a student’s name and details and a regular report on that student’s progress.  These funds are fully allocated each year in the amount received. Irregular funds are typically one-time gifts and do not require application and reporting to the donor.  To provide a measure of stability in the availability of such funds, EGST will allocate up to half of such funds in any given academic year.  In addition to the policies stated above, the following criteria and principles will govern the allocation of these funds:

1.    Clear demonstration of need (by means of the EGST Scholarship Application form).

2.    Students will not normally be eligible for scholarship assistance in their first semester of study.

These funds will not only be allocated for tuition expenses but may also be allocated for fees and/or course materials for full-time students.  No allocations will be made for living expenses.

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